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A New Arrival!

J.L.D. Enterprises, Inc. takes great pride in announcing the introduction of the Precision Target Rifle model 91 to the American market.
This rifle is manufactured in the United States and complies with all 922 regulations. We have gone to great lengths to produce the most up-to-date rifle on the market today!

If you are interested in this outstanding new rifle, please contact J.L.D. Enterprises, Inc. give us your name and phone number, and we will call you and answer all questions regarding price, delivery schedules, specifications, etc.


We are very confident that all discriminating shooters and collectors will find this rifle a highly desirable addition to their collection, proving itself on the range and in the field, time after time. You will be as proud of your PTR-91 as we are!





All parts are manufactured to original German Military specifications.

Receivers are manufactured from (.059) steel. Original Military bases, mounts and scopes will fit this rifle.

Fitted with 18-inch high quality heat-treated steel, heavy target barrel with 1 in 12 inches twist polygonal rifling for superb accuracy.

A one piece, high quality forged, heat-treated, CNC finished, almost indestructible cocking handle with excellent ergonomics for easier operation and handling. This is better than anything produced today!

A brand new, laser-cut to exacting military specs, heat-treated front sight. There is also a brand new, high quality knurled aluminum end cap.

Rear sight, brand new, French-style peep sight on the rear dioptor with a knurled target knob for adjustable windage without the use of special tools.

This semi-automatic, recoil-operated rifle with delay roller is equipped with a most desirable two-stage target trigger, allowing much better control than a single stage trigger

Sold with a 20 Round magazine, the rifle will also accept a 5 and 10 round box magazine.

Manufactured from high quality polymer, the sturdy, attractive furniture consists of a pistol grip, hand guard and stock.

A brand new fully machined trunnion manufactured to original German military specifications. to our knowledge, ours is the ONLY new trunnion on the market.

Finish on this rifle is a two-step process; parkerized and coated with an oven-baked scratch resistant black paint in a matte finish that gives excellent protection from abrasion in the field.

J.L.D. Enterprises, Inc. provides a full year warranty on this rifle, the rifle comes in a hard case, includes a trigger lock and a test- fired target.



7.62mm NATO (.308 Win.)
Operating Principle:
Recoil operated.
Locking System:
Delayed roller-lock.
Semiautomatic only.
20-round box magazine.
Receiver-stamped; Barrel-button rifling.
R.H. twist, 1-turn-in-12".
Overall Length:
40 inches. (1.016 cm).
Barrel Length:
18 inch Polygonal heavy target barrel.
Sight Radius:
Weight w/o Magazine 9.17 lbs. (4.16 kg)
Rear-dioptor rotary style with 4 adjustments
(100-meter ‘’V’’ sight and 200, 300, and 400 meter
Aperture sight); adjustable for windage and elevation.
Protected post.