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Internet Sales of Firearms

Here's how it works.

Tell your local dealer/FFL holder that you want to transfer a firearm. Have him send an ink-signed copy of their license to:

TMC Orders

P.O. Box 824

Pelham, NH  03076-0824

As dealers, we do this all the time; s/he'll know what you mean.

TMC would be glad to find you a dealer.

You and TMC do the financial side separately. When the FFL and payment have been received, the firearm is shipped to your dealer who transfers  it to you. Dealers charge usually for this service, be sure to ask in advance. Also make sure to describe the firearms and magazine(s) to your dealer to ensure its legality in your state.  Certain items such as ammunition and hi-capacity magazines may have additional restrictions, please inquire before ordering.

Do's and Don'ts

Do describe the item(s) to your dealer that you want transferred.  Your dealer will best know the laws in your state.

Do, if possible, mail their FFL  yourself.  It may take them a few days to make and send that photo copy. Often, if you pay their fee up front, they'll give you the FFL copy.  It's the most expedient way.

Don't pay the dealer for the firearms  itself.  You and TMC do that between ourselves.  Along with your shipment there will be a packing slip showing no prices and marked "PAID".  I also include a copy of my FFL for your dealer's records.

Do, if you are paying by Cashiers check or money order, send it to the mailing address shown above.  In fact, it's a good idea to include your dealer's FFL and payment in the same mailing.

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Terms and Conditions of Sale


TMC Arms must have a signed copy of your dealer's FFL on file before shipping firearms. Ammunition and high-capacity magazine purchases require your signed statement (on TMC-provided form) on file stating that you are of appropriate age are not restricted from possessing such items (Federal Firearms Licensees may forward their license). Firearms will ship to your dealer; all other items can be sent directly to you. Law Enforcement and Military orders, please contact TMC Arms.


All orders must be prepaid. A postal money order or check are preferred. Shipping charges are extra (please inquire) and are in effect unless stated otherwise. Sorry, no COD's.


You have 3 days to examine (but not use) your purchase. If, during that time you decide to return it, contact TMC immediately and obtain a Return Authorization number. Any returns must be authorized by TMC Arms and have an RA# assigned. Returned items must be unused and in original condition complete with original packing and original manuals. You will be charged a 25% restocking fee or the items may be rejected and returned to you with no refund if the items are not in this original condition when returned. Shipping costs and fees for returned items are your responsibility.


TMC Arms is not a warranty depot. All items carry their manufacturer's factory warranty only.  If your firearm or other item breaks or is defective during its warranty period, contact the manufacturer for instructions. Be sure to complete and mail in any required warranty forms when you receive the product.

Damaged or Missing Items

All damage or shortage claims must made with the carrier. 


Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.


TMC Arms reserves the right to at any time at its sole discretion and without explanation terminate limit or refuse to sell to anyone under 21 years of age, or for any other reason.

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