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Model 1100™ Competition Master™ (discontinued)

With the growth of 3-Gun Matches in Practical Shooting, Remington is pleased to announce a factory built, competition-ready, 12 gauge autoloading shotgun, the Model 1100 Competition Master. Built on the legendary Model 1100 platform and designed for high-speed shotgunning, this competition shotgun is "ready-to-rock" the world of Practical Shooting.

This fast handling, well-balanced Model 1100 features a matte gray synthetic stock and fore-end, matte black finish on receiver and barrel and the new R3™ Recoil Pad, designed by Sims Vibration Laboratory, provides for ultimate recoil absorption and ease of gun mounting. Forget after market accessories, the Model 1100 Competition Master comes complete with a magazine extension tube (capable of handling eight 2-3/4 inch shells in the magazine tube and one in the chamber), a receiver-mountable ammo carrier for seven extra shells and sling swivel studs. With an all new carrier release button designed for speed and the extra large operating handle, reloading is quick. Fiber optic front sight and steel mid bead sight top the 22-inch vent rib barrel, providing rapid target acquisition.

Gauge Chamber Barrel Length Choke Overall Length Avg. Wt. (lbs.) Order No. MSRP*
12 2 3/4" 22" Rem™ Choke 42 1/8" 8 25355 $

LOP: 14"; Drop at Comb: 1 1/2"; Drop at Heel: 2 1/2"



Colt M4


ArmaLite AR30 in .338 LAPUA


FN/Browning Hi-Power, full size and compact


Springfield Armory Scout Squad


Puma M92 .454 Casull lever action carbine

20" barrel, 9 round magazine, hardwood stock, rubber butt-pad, 13" length of pull, thumb operated safety, adjustable rear sight.  Blued steel.


Cowboy guns, Springfield Armory National Match M1A, Winchester M1300 pumps


G3's and CETME's from Century Arms;

Want a G3/HK91 clone?

century_cetme_ri1007.jpg (17044 bytes)          Century Cetme

         Century Sporter 1095X



FN Special Police Rifle

  New 2002 model .308 with McMillan stock (last year's model shown; scope and rings not included))

A highly accurate, dependable rifle is now an integral part of today's tactical team.  The new FN Special Police Rifle from FN Herstal combines the best of traditional design with the latest materials and manufacturing techniques.  The result is a tactical rifle with exceptional accuracy and reliability.


Winchester M1300 Pump  12G, 18" barrel, 8 rounds, synthetic stock, Night-Glo front sight  

  Fiber Optic front sights really light up, using existing light!


  Les Baer

Les Baer writes...

"When we decided to build our own line of AR rifles, we knew they couldn't be like everyone else's. They couldn't be like cookie cutters that come right off an assembly line. They had to be special...they had to be worthy of the Les Baer name. So, our new AR .223 rifles feature the very best parts available anywhere, many of them forged for toughness and precision machined on our own CNC horizontal machining centers and broaching machines. They're all custom built with painstaking care so all parts fit perfectly. Most important, they perform like no other AR on the planet - in fact, all models are guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA groups! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot groups shot at 100 yards."

• LBC Forged and Precision Machined Upper & Lower Receivers (available with or without forward assist upper) • Picatinny Style Flat Top Rail • LBC Ultimate National Match Carrier (chromed) • LBC Ultimate Bolt (chromed) • LBC Ultimate Extractor (chromed) • Jewell Two-Stage Trigger Group (truly spectacular) • LBC Precision Machined Adjustable Free Float Handguard With Locking Ring • LBC Aluminum Gas Block With Picatinny Rail Top • "QMI Gold" Titanium Firing Pin • LBC Bench Rest Quality Stainless Steel 416-7000 Series Barrel, 3-5 Micron Finish, Hand Lapped and Polished Before And After Rifling, Cyro-Treated, 1X12 Twist (Optional Twists Available) 20" Length Standard (18", 22" and 24" Optional) • Newly Designed LBC Custom Grip With Extra Material Under the Trigger Guard Corner • Versa Pod Installed • LBC Ultimate AR .223 Rifle Soft Case • Baer Coat™ All-Weather Finish On Upper, Lower And Small Parts - Stainless Steel Barrel Bear Coated™ On Request. 

 Les Baer Ultimate AR 382 tgt 2.jpg (29303 bytes)  Actual target showing 5 rounds in 1 hole!


LesBaer_IPSC_AR.jpg (5873 bytes) Click for larger view (scope and rings not included)


The IPSC Action Model is an outstanding competition model with all the best features including a unique integral compensator which totally eliminates the unattractive, permanently mounted muzzle breaks used by most other companies. Not only is our integrated compensator the cleanest looking unit on the market, it's also the most effective, almost completely eliminating recoil and muzzle rise. This IPSC model is guaranteed to shoot 1/2" MOA! Included with each gun is a target with two five-shot groups shot at 100 yards. It's exactly what you need to make you more competitive in the fast paced environment of an IPSC rifle match.

Features include: • LBC Forged And Precision Machined Upper & Lower Receivers With Forward Assist • Picatinny Style Flat Top Rail • LBC Ultimate National Match Carrier (Chromed) • LBC Ultimate Bolt (Chromed) • LBC Ultimate Extractor (Chromed) • LBC 20" Bench Rest 416-7000 Series Stainless Steel Heavy Barrel With Integral Compensator, 3-5 Micron Finish, Cyro Treated, Hand Lapped And Polished Bore Before And After Rifling, 1X12 Twist  • Jewell Two-Stage Trigger Standard  • QMI Gold Titanium Firing Pin • LBC Precision Machined Aluminum Free Floating Handguard With Locking Ring • LBC Aluminum Gas Block • Versa-Pod installed • LBC Ultimate AR .223 Rifle Soft Case • Bear Coat™ Finish On Upper And Lower For The Ultimate All Weather Finish.

(Note: Bear Coat™ Is A Protective All-Weather Firearm Finish That Uses Tough Teflon-S™, A Product Of Dupont. IPSC barrel cannot be Bear Coated™.)



Colt Accurized Rifle delivers unparalleled accuracy in a semi-automatic platform.





Colt Accurized Rifle


Matte Black Brushed Stainless Steel Barrel


Semi Auto,
Locking Bolt


.223 Rem


9 rounds standard

Barrel Length


Rifling Twist

RH, 1 turn in 9"

Rifling Grooves





9.25 lbs.

Overall Length


Special Features

24" Stainless Steel Heavy Barrel
Flattop receiver allows for low scope mounting.
Scope Mount With 1" Rings


9.25 lbs. (empty)
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Beretta 1201FP J1202401.jpg (10312 bytes) Click image for larger view  Beretta 1201FP Blade.JPG (11097 bytes) Beretta 1201FP Ghost.JPG (20341 bytes)
Model 1201FP Ghost Ring read sight; night-sight front.

John sez:  I bought one!  The recoil-operated mechanism means it'll handle a wider variety of ammo than their gas-operated relatives.  Works like a charm, kicks like a mule.  Night sights.  

Catalog #: J120240 (1201FP)
Type: Shotgun
Stock: Synthetic, black
Sights: Ghost Ring Sights (adj.), Blade front w/ Tritium insert
Barrel Length: 18"
Weight: 6lbs 3oz
Chamber: 3"
Butt Plate Recoil Pad: Black Rubber Recoil Pad
Additional Features 1: Stock drops (Comb 1.34")(Heel 2.36")
Caliber: 12 Gauge
Capacity: 5+1
Action: Semi-Automatic
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 Springfield Armory


NA9802CA  National Match California version  

If you need more info, see

SAR8MagsWords.jpg (49512 bytes) Extra SAR-8 mags $59.00 with rifle (used and in VG-EXC condition).  See "Accessories" for details.

Q: What does  "SEF" on the fire selector of  G3/HK-91/SAR-8 type rifles mean?

A: "SEF"trigger group on the HK select fire control is German and stands for:

SEF.jpg (33896 bytes) Click image for larger view
Photo (c) TMC Arms 2000

The three letters of the fire selector mean:

S = Sicher ((zicher) rhymes with 'bicker')   Safe

E= Einzelfeuer-- (Ine-tsell-foyer) Literal translation is 'single fire'.  Semi-auto in English.

F= Feuerstoß (pronounced foyer-schtoss) The letter that looks like a capital B is called an ess-tset and pronounced like a double 's'.   Literal translation is 'burst fire' or full automatic in English.

This translation would not be complete without the 'informal' English translation:

S= Safe

E= Economical



Springfield Armory NA9102    Walnut stock, Carbon Steel NM barrel  
CA Muzzle.jpg (9328 bytes) Muzzle brake used on CA-legal M1A rifles.  Photos below show non-CA flash hiders.
ma9822 Wal SS.jpg (7126 bytes)   9822  Walnut Stock, Stainless Steel NM barrel                    
ma9226.jpg (6466 bytes)   9226  Fiberglass Stock, Carbon  Steel NM barrel               


Springfield Armory M1A "Scout Squad"    

Scout AA9126 Synth Carbon Scope.jpg (9066 bytes)   9126 Scout Squad, Black fiberglass stock, Carbon Steel barrel, forward "Scout" scope mount.    

Century58 ri422.jpg (11994 bytes) Click image for larger view
Centurion 58  (STG-58 FN on new US receiver) 

Centurion 58 Semi-Auto Rifle, Cal. .308 (7.62 NATO) 

The original STG-58 rifles the Centurion 58's are made from were manufactured by Steyr in Austria, and are the "Cadillac" of all the FAL/L1A1 type rifles. These ebony beauties sure do look and shoot sweet! They even come with a twenty round magazine that may be banned by the government at any moment! Astute collectors and shooters are snapping these up left and right because these cost only a fraction of what an original would! Don't be left out...order yours now, while you still can! 

John sez: These rifles are OK, and are a reasonable value.  The copy above was written by the manufacturer.  While I respect their opinion, I find the rifles more utilitarian than "Cadillac".  Still, a reasonable value.


bullet bullet 20 round magazine (1)
bullet bullet Barrel: 20.5"
bullet bullet Overall: 40.5"
bullet bullet Weight: 9.16 lbs
bullet bullet Condition: Excellent - Refinished 


TmcBullFront.jpg (24104 bytes)      TmcBullSide.jpg (11471 bytes) Click image for larger view
The TMC Big-Bull (shown with optional Harris bipod)


bullet bullet 22" Bull stainless extra heavy match barrel
bullet bullet 1x8" twist
bullet bullet free float aluminum hand guard
bullet bullet Compass Lake 2 stage trigger
bullet bullet High-rise flat top receiver ready for optics
bullet bullet Eagle-ArmaLite lower receiver
bullet bullet One 30 round magazine
bullet bullet Hard case, operator's manual

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